David Pham

David Pham - President
I’ve studied at UQ since 2008 and am completing my Master of Social Work Studies. My vision for SWHSSA is to provide students with an association that provides opportunities to meet their fellow classmates, share fun and memorable experiences, develop academic skills, career prospects, and professional development and to participate in a meaningful way with both the university and the community. I love everything psychology, and it’s always been an interesting conversation topic. I enjoy motorcycling, distance running, martial arts, and playing pool. I work in disability services, volunteer with homeless youth, and am starting out with policy development. Looking forward to what looks like a promising year!

Yasmin Fleur

Yasmin Fleur - Treasurer
Hi, I’m Yasmin. I completed a Bachelor of Social Science (with a major in social and public policy) at The University of Queensland in 2011, and I am currently completing a Master of Social Work Studies. I find people extremely interesting. I like to take a holistic approach to understanding people, in particular the way they react to their environment and genetic makeup. My passion is to facilitate those interested in achieving growth, especially youth. I love listening, singing, and dancing to music. I also love travelling, animals, tattoos, and nature. I joined SWHSSA to help create a community that was inclusive, supportive, encouraging, and fun.

John Slaven

John Slaven - Secretary
Hi, my name is John. I am a mature age student studying Social Work and I started in a mid-year intake in 2012. I have never been to University before and I can immediately identify with the many mature age and first time students that Social Work attracts. I am involved in the Student Leadership and Mentoring programs at UQ and feel passionately about getting involved and giving back. In my role as Secretary, I bring to the SWHSSA skills from my past in business. My goal is to provide a stable administrative platform from which the association can continue to grow.

Caitlin Delwijnen

Caitlin Delwijnen - Events Co-ordinator
Welcome to my about me. I am a second year Bachelor of Social Work student and the events coordinator for the Social Work and Human Services Student Association. I like stuff. I love to have fun and give everything a go! As the events coordinator I hope to engage with lots and lots of people to make the year as helpful and exciting as possible. I am open to all suggestions! Enjoy your day.

Jack Margaritis<br />

Jack Margaritis - Marketing Coordinator
Hey! My name is Jack and I am currently studying the Bachelor of Social Work program. I am in my first year and loving it. I love getting involved and trying new things. I am very passionate about social justice and equality. I also really enjoy volunteering. AIME (Australian Indigenous Mentoring Program) and the Red Frogs are some of the volunteering programs that I am involved in. As the marketing coordinator I hope to connect social work and human services students to the association.

Kristy Dardenne

Kristy Dardenne - Volunteer, Charity, & Advocacy Coordinator
Hi, I'm Kristy and am currently in my second year of Social Work. I chose social work because I want to make a positive change to our community and there is nothing more positive than helping people! I have worked in the disability, youth and homeless sector and loved every minute of it. I took on the volunteering role because I am passionate about individuals embracing the community and meeting new people from all walks of life. I'm excited to be part of this committee and look forward to connecting students to our community in a fun and engaging way.

Alex Chen<br />

Tao (Alex) Chen - Public Relations Coordinator
Hi, I am Tao Chen, you can call me Alex if you like. I'm currently in my 3rd year of Social Work. The reason I love this degree is because of the opportunity to help people and contribute to the community. I have just finished my first field placement in a multicultural background agency for helping refugees. I chose public relations because I'm keen to connect our awesome association and members with the public, especially the social work industry. As a proud member of the AASW, I will liaise with human services and social work organisations to seek any employment and funding opportunities. Meanwhile, I will am devoted to creating a link between the academic & industry.

Alex Chen<br />

Kris Flint - Photographer/Designer
Hey, my name is Kris and I’ve just started studying Social Work after 25 years as a freelance graphic designer. I’ve always been passionate about travel, exploring different cultures and recording my experiences visually. So I’ll be the person you meet at Social Work events with a camera around my neck, very interested in where you’re from and hearing a little about your perspective on life. I’m passionate about multicultural affairs, immigration and working with people at the end of their life’s journey. Which all adds up to being pretty thrilled about being part of the student association, where I hope to visually record our collective student perspective. I’m looking forward then, to putting your name to a face!